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SLT's Ana R on Mothehood

I've been in the glamorous world of fashion for most my life, and now I'm a mom trying to figure out how to make it work. Lover of animals, doing charity, living a simple life and exploring the world of DIY.

  • 10 weeks old

    Posted on May 08 2018

    By the time you hit the 10-month stage, you think you pretty much have everything down. Yet you look again and something new comes up. From this stage, its right...

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  • Banana Bread

    Posted on April 10 2018

    What is your favorite banana bread recipe?  I love to add a little yogurt to my banana bread mix to keep the banana bread moist. Recipe

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  • Lets talk about our better half taking a photo.

    Posted on April 03 2018

    Not sure if you have the same issue I do. When I would ask my husband to take a photo they just never seem to be as nice as if...

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  • That one hair style you sport for 6 months.

    Posted on March 27 2018

    Well, my little one came out with a full head of hair. I know this is not the case with all babies. For the longest time, Maya's hair looked like...

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  • Remember to nap when you can

    Posted on March 12 2018

    Never feel bad or guilty about napping. Mommies need to recharge too. :-P

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  • Lunch Time

    Posted on February 26 2018

      Lunch time. Whats you're the go-to meal when you are in a rush? Maya is a fan of Asian style fried noodles. ( My trick is I use less oil and...

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